Ecce Robot

Ecce Robot

An encrypted conversation between two artificial intelligences, the construction of the first neural network, what distinguishes a robot from a machine. Ecce Robot is the story of an unstoppable process that began with a simple game: a man, a woman and a third person, the latter separated from the other two must establish with a series of questions who the man is and who the woman is. From here the famous British scientist Alan Turing to write the basics of artificial intelligence, By changing the rules of the game of imitation, the goal of his test will not be to distinguish man from woman, but the human being from the machine.

An artificial voice, created by a Machine Learning algorithm (automatic learning), dialogues with the founding father of computer science, retracing the fundamental stages of the history of artificial intelligence, but also the thoughts and hopes of the English scientist, accompanying us to the doors of the new industrial revolution in which man and machine will work side by side and beyond.

Through archive footage and interviews with scientists, historians and philosophers, the documentary tells the impact of artificial intelligence and robotics on contemporary society, the risks to privacy, to work, to our identity. “Every great change in history has positive and negative potential, there is no case of great revolutions, only positive or only negative, the key is to ensure that technology is at our service and not us at its” (Yuval Noah Harari) .

Ecce Robot is an attempt to give voice to machines using artificial intelligence itself as a means of expression, it is a “short documentary” that explores the relationship between artificial and reality, between intelligence and consciousness.