The act of creating from numbers at the time of Artificial Intelligence.

A Renaissance space augmented by AI to explore the profound relationship between numbers and the creative act. An installation made by Gabriele Gianni designed with the tools of AI, in which the act of creating is questioned by new technologies and by the immensity of the data that we have digitally produced.

We are faced with a new form of writing, in which words foresee themselves, in which imagination immediately becomes image, in which sound can be generated endlessly through patterns that we only have the sensation of intuiting. In the Renaissance space of the Baptistery of the Manna d’Oro, “augmented” by AI, a digital stone figure embarks on a journey that could take it anywhere. Countless statues amidst an ocean of data fill the void

of the ancient apses, while a distant music generates itself infinitely. AI is accelerating the race between the data we produce and the data we are able to understand and process, prompting questions about the nature of what machine learning algorithms are generating. A picture of our knowledge reverberating in an endless loop or a form of augmented imagination the boundaries of which we have yet to understand?

Video / AI installation

Battistero della Manna D’Oro | Spoleto
Festival dei Due Mondi 66